Baby Room

Kids 4 Us Nursery Baby Room provides a homely environment for 9 babies looked after by 3 members of staff.

This ensures that babies can form a close bond with their key person who have been chosen particularly for their sensitivity, devotion and knowledge of babies and their individual needs.

A wide variety of activities that include picture books, music, treasure baskets and singing with lots of adult interaction will encourage babies holistic development.

Kids 4 Us recognise the need to work closely with you when settling your baby in. Your key person will record daily activity’s your child has enjoyed, what they have eaten, nappy changes and any additional communication. These diary’s help support communication between staff and parents so that we can best meet your child’s individual needs.
When new babies start nursery we ask parents to provide us with a written account of the daily routine you follow at home.

From 12 months onwards children are ready to discover, explore and learn about themselves and the world around them, but still need familiar routines and faces on a daily basis. While your child remains in the baby room we encourage them to join in regularly with activities, this supports the children’s social and emotional developments and eases them slowly and gently into the wider world.

As your child’s individual curiosity and development grows so will the activities we plan for them.