Our Daily Routine

Kids 4 Us Pre-school in Madeley, Telford Shropshire - Daily Routine

8:50 Meet and Greet Children are encouraged to find their peg, hang up their coat and self register by finding their and placing it on the signing in board. Selected toys are available for the children to play with during this time. 

9:00 Circle Time
The children are invited to record the weather, the day and how many the children there are. The children also have the opportunity to share any special news they have.

9:10 Focus Time (adult led)
The children go into their key person groups for the adult led activity. These are planned activities which follow the children’s interests, special occasions and themes. These activities support the children’s individual next steps in their learning.
This activity is followed by letters and sounds which supports communication, language and literacy in the EYFS.

9:40 - 9:55 Snack Time
We offer a wide range of fruit. The children are encouraged to cut up their own fruit and pour their own drink, developing their independence and their self help skills

9:55 Outside Play

The children have the opportunity to play in all areas of the garden including barked area, hard surface area and grassed area. They have the opportunity to use wheeled toys, ball equipment and climbing equipment.

10:20-10:30 Choosing Time
They choose in a variety of ways and from a selection of resources, what they would like to do for child initiated play

10:30 Child Initiated Play  
This can be indoors and outdoors and encourages the children to engage in self chosen activities, developing their learning experiences.

11:20 Tidy Up Time
The children are given a five minute warning to finish off what they are doing in preparation to tidy up. They are encouraged to tidy up independently and place the equipment back in the correct space depending whether are indoors or outdoors!

11:35 Stories and Songs
The children are all invited to sit together and settle in the carpet area for a story and songs and relax before the session ends. Children are encouraged to share what they have been doing during the morning and listen to others.

11:50 Home time
The Pre-School session ends. The children go home with their parent /carer, the children who are in nursery full time will stay in the nursery for their lunch and more activities in the afternoon.

Kids 4 Us have a daily routine for the pre – school sessions to enable children to feel secure in the environment and to support them in becoming independent, however our routine is flexible and adaptable to meet the individual needs of the children.