What Ofsted Say About Us

Kids 4 Us Nursery and After School Club - OFSTED Report

What Ofsted say about us...

  • The management team builds positive relationships with parents, the on-site school and the local authority advisor's, including those who support children who have special educational needs and/or disabilities. This helps them to reflect on their practice and to develop plans to improve the quality of the nursery so that all children make good progress.

  • Children's understanding of the natural world is promoted well. Children experience exciting, hands-on learning in a woodland environment, where they play hide and seek, make dens, dig, collect leaves and listen to stories.

  • Staff are positive role models for the children. They encourage conversations, speak clearly and listen attentively to what children say. This helps children to become confident when speaking to others.

  • ++Staff build and maintain secure emotional attachments with children. For example, they soothe babies by gently stroking their cheeks as they go to sleep. Children are self-assured, happy and seek out others to share experiences with.