Admissions and Fees

The Kids 4 Us Nursery and After School Kids Club is open to all children in the community.

At Kids 4 Us Nursery and After School Kids Club in Madeley, Telford we welcome parents and children from all cultural, ethnic, religious and social groups, with and without disabilities.

To be fair as possible to parents wishing to place a child in our care we operate a waiting list for admissions. We recognise the special circumstances and needs of siblings and so such we give priority to applications from parents who already have a child attending Kids 4 Us.

Children who attend Nursery will be guaranteed a place in the After School Kids Club if they wish so.

Fees are payable weekly in arrears or monthly in advance.

If fees have not been paid within two weeks of the specified due date then the nursery/Kids Club place will be lost. If parents have special circumstances, which may result in late payment of fees, it is their responsibility to discuss the situation with the Nursery Manager Nicola Maczka or the Proprietor Val Price before the child’s place is lost. Kids 4 Us will consider special circumstances sympathetically but reserve the right to withdraw the child place.

Once a booking has been made the appropriate fee is payable whether the child attends or not.

If a child is picked up after 6pm (Monday to Thursday) or after 5:30pm (Friday) an additional fee of £10.00 (per child) will be charged every 15 minutes and there after.

Should a cheque be re-presented or returned a fee of £5 will be charged to cover Bank charges incurred by Kids 4 Us. This fee will be charged for each re-presentation or return.